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Why Maskcara Beauty is WAY MORE than makeup!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Ok, great... Chelsea is going to try and sell us on this "MLM" - Pyramid Scheme...

Well you wouldn't be entirely wrong except for the MLM and Pyramid Scheme part. LOL

You see Direct Selling, despite what you may have heard from Betty Sue down the street at the block party this summer while she was also gossiping about Donna her next door neighbor whose husband is having an affair with his secretary Susan... is nothing more than the Artist being the middle man between you and a product you may really love!

Really, that's it! Instead of going to Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, Nordstorm etc... you are shopping directly with someone who is an expert in ONE BRAND that you can tell instantly whether they LOVE or not!

And the best part you don't have to leave your house and you have access to this person anytime you need help with your purchase. At least that is how I run my business.

Ok, now on to a second approach to direct selling... Let's say you also have come to a crossroads in your life, such as myself not too long ago, and need an only or second stream of income?!

Picture this...

You're a mom working outside of your home, which won't leave you with much income left over after childcare, bills, groceries, emergencies, let alone any fun money!?

You know of course because you're a BADASS mom you can totally make the time guilt free or not, and work your business a few hours a week to bring in that extra cash each month that you would love for yourself or your family... because you better treat yourself eventually!!!

So, you sign up because you also see how Maskcara is more than just makeup. Well, let me tell you when you sign up under me... you definitely are getting the full package! I will touch on that shortly!

Ok, you're not a mom no worries, I hope you are enjoying your sleep for me at least!!! LOL

Picture This!

You are a College Student, still in school or recently graduated, and worried about the inevitable student loan debt you will be paying sooner than you will be ready for... invest in YOURSELF like you are right now and spend $200 for a kit of makeup!

YOU HAVE MORE TIME THAN YOU THINK! What could some extra cash each month do for you? Can that go towards just your interest for your loans? A wardrobe for your new career? Rent? Savings for a down payment on a home or a deposit for an apartment? What about a quick vacation before jumping into the working world?

Picture This!

You are an empty nester, you finally have time, something so foreign to you after how many years?!!?

You may want to keep yourself busy, your mind sharp, have a place where you feel you belong and have others you can relate to at the touch of a button.

You probably aren't in it for the money but if you make some, awesome, if you don't that's awesome too! But you certainly don't want to have a structured schedule and people to report to who couldn't possibly understand this huge transition you are going through or have been going through... Am I starting to speak your language!

And Lastly Picture This!

You are just someone who knows you are meant for so much more and you're willing to gamble on yourself!

So I am going to wrap this up!

You can be the following!

A Customer - while you support an individuals dreams and help them succeed!

An Artist who sells - so you're just in it for the product and making a commission

An Artist who supports - so you lead a team of like minded individuals to sucess!

An Artist who does both - That's me! I do both I love the product and making everyone feel beautiful and I LOVE supporting and coaching my team to greatness!


What you get if you take a chance on yourself and me as your mentor!

One on one training!

Group Training!

A Facebook beauty group you can use to work your business as you get started!

A Team Website where your customers can color match themselves and find your ordering information!

Team Chat to bond with the other ladies on Maple States (team name)!

USA & Canadian Support!

And sooooo much more!!!

If you are ready for more info please email me or send me a text!


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