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Thank You For Your Purchase!
Below you will find a super helpful scrolling guide on how to use your new makeup once it arrives.

How To Put Your Palette Together

Follow this video for suggestions and helpful tips to get your tins in your palette!

How It Works!

Once you have your colors it's as easy as, well... 1, 2, 3, 4!

How exactly do you apply your Seint IIID Foundation? Follow this graphic to have the perfect application every time!
Seint IIID Foundation Placement Guide
Seint Placement Blended After

How To Apply

I love to blend as I go. Check out this video and see if this technique is best for you! Next you will find the Dot Method or Cheetah!

Blend As You Go

Dot Method

Need a super in depth Tutorial?
Click Below!

Under Eye Tutorials
Try out these techniques with your makeup before you purchase anything else!
Seint Demi For Under Eyes
Eyeshadow Lesson
If you grabbed some shadows follow along with any of these videos!

How To Work With Your Eyeshadow

Gradient Eyeshadow

Smokey & Halo Eyeshadow

Seint Beauty Eyeshadow Placement Guide

My Must Haves

Brush Cleanser

Brush Cleansing Soap

Seint Brushes
SWATCHES of the Whole Line
If you need to add anything else to your palette enjoy the swatches below!
Thank You!
If you need to order anything else you can shop below. If you have any questions you can TEXT (only) me at 856-517-8939 I've linked the Return | Exchange policy below in case you need to make any changes to your order.
Love Chelsea
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