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How does Color Matching work?
Three ways... Take my QUIZ below, Shop Seint's Collections or scroll for instructions for a one on one consultation! 

Option 1

To color match yourself click below.

Option 2

Introducing Seint's Collections


Option 3

One on One Consultation 

1. Find a window where the sun is NOT pouring in.

2. Clean your camera on your phone.

3. Make sure you have a neutral colored shirt on.

4. V Necks are best so I can see your chest.

5. No Makeup is a must.

6. Take a few photos so you can send the best one.

7. Click on my color match form.

How To Take A Color Mach Selfie

Submit your photo TODAY!

When you send the right picture you get the perfect match.

Hey, that's me Chelsea!

Nice even skin tone,

my chest and face are

the same color,

I've got shape and definition.

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