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Seint Makeup Glossary

Don't let your match overwhelm you! Here is a glossary to help guide you through your custom palette!

Highlights - Your "foundation" shades one that is closest to your skin tone one that is lighter to brighten!

Seint Beauty Highlight Swatches

Contour - Your natural shadow in cream form! Used to add dimension and define and shape your features.

Seint Beauty Contour Swatches

Lip + Cheek - Your blush and "lipstick" used to add color to the face. Helps with rosacea and melasma depending on the color family. Rosacea and Melasma loves Red, Orange, Coral and Peach Tones!

Seint Beauty Lip + Cheek Swatches

Bronzer - Your year long life jacket! Bronzer brings up all the tones you lose in the winter or may have in your chest but not your face. It adds color and is great for evening out Melasma and canceling out Rosacea!

Seint Beauty Bronzer Swatches

Illuminator - Give your skin that shimmering glow you may not have anymore. Illuminator is often called a "highlight" in many other brands and it just adds some dewiness and youthfulness to the high points of the face.

Seint Beauty Illuminator Swatches

Placement Guide - Don't let all the different colors of your match overwhelm you! Here is an easy visual where all your makeup will be placed.

Seint Beauty IIID Foundation Placement Guide

Demi Color Correctors - We offer a whole line of color correctors! Here are the most HELPFUL shades below!

Seint Beauty Demi Without The Color Match

Eyeshadows - If you're in the market to dress up your eyes you will love our POWDER Eyeshadows! We do have four Cream shades you can use as a base if you desire!

Seint Beauty Eyeshadow Graphic

Brushes - Our Synthetic Brushes were made for cream makeup. They are DENSE so full of hair but soft at the same time! There's a VAST range for coverage as well so grab what you think would be best for your face and style of makeup!

Seint Beauty Brushes

We are at the end of our scrolling Seint Glossary!
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Seint Beauty Cost Breakdown
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