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Before and After using Seint's one compact IIID makeup!
Want to skip the selfie and get a discount on your Seint makeup? Check out our collections!

Simply choose your Skin Tone below by COLOR MATCHING yourself... THEN you will choose the Collection size you wish to purchase. You will be taken Directly to Seint's website. Just click add to cart and you are good to go!

Which Level Are You?

Level I - Lightest

Level I - our lightest collection for the fairest of them all!

Level III - Medium Warm Undertones

Level III - Medium to tan with lots of warmth? You will love this level.

Level V - Medium Olive

Level V - This is the perfect level when you are fully in the tan skin tone range. Lots of golden peachy and even olive tones.

Level VII - Deep Warm Undertones

Level VII - This is the perfect level if you're in the deep skin tone range but still have a lot of warmth.

Level II - Light Warm Undertones

Level II - Light but have some more color and contrast? This level is perfect for you!

Level IV - Light Olive

Level IV - Olive but on the lighter end of the spectrum? This level is perfect when you're in the medium skin tone range but not a rich olive skin tone.

Level VI - Rich Olive

Level VI - Not quite in the deep skin tone range but beyond tan? Try this level!

Level VIII - Deep Cool Undertones

Level VIII - I love this collection when you are in the deep skin tone range and have cool undertones!
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