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Maskcara Beauty Shop The Look JLo Edition

I often look at these carefully curated makeup looks on celebrities and think to

myself I can't WAIT TO TRY THIS OUT!!!

It's not even the celebrity per se, I just LOVE seeing what these talented makeup artists are doing out there.

Are they going to do a bold lip? Will they whip out the eyeliner? Is soft and romantic still in?

Then I stumble across a look like this and I can't help but break down the whole thing from the face to the eyes.

So, here is my recommendation using all Maskcara Beauty if you want to try this!

*If you think you are JLo's complexion you won't even need a color match.

Candlelit - Brightener

Wheat - Main Highlight

Indigo - Contour

Ruby - Lip + Cheek

Honey - Illuminator

Bella - Bronzer

Rome - Inner Lid/Brow Bone

Kin - Middle Lid

Mi Hija - Crease/Outer Lid

Bubba - Transition

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