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How to HAC in 60 Seconds

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Hey there! I have more in depth videos of how to highlight and contour... but sometimes it’s way more fun and easier to follow along with a 60 second clip.

When your makeup arrives you should receive the HAC girl in your box (above). She will make an appearance in the video too. If you don’t see her in your package after it arrives no biggie! I’ve got you covered and can send it to you as well.

Anyway! I always recommend when you’re trying out the makeup for the first time that you follow Cara’s true approach which is to contour first then apply your highlight.

"Woah, Chelsea can we back up for a second?" Oh my goodness Yes! Let me guess? “What the heck is highlight and what the heck is contour?!??”

OK! So your contour is that dark ashy shade that is going to help you sculpt and create shadows on the face. Your highlight traditionally speaking is your foundation shade... but it’s more than that it’s actually your product that works with your contour to now “highlight” the features you want to show off.The contrast between the two is what makes your IIID (3D) Foundation work in the first place.

Ok so back to application, apply your contour, then your highlight in the open spots, a little or a lot of blush (personal preference) and blend (see video). Now if you have a brightener and bronzer you can start to place and blend those and as far as illuminator I like to apply that last.

Just remember cream makeup has ZERO components or ingredients that essentially prep or set the makeup so if you have always needed a primer (WATER BASED ONLY WITH CREAMS) and a certain way to set your makeup it will likely be the same with your IIID Foundation.

I think the best way to try the makeup is to do your skin care first, let your skin absorb your moisturizer. So maybe move onto your hair and then apply a primer and start your makeup.

I know for myself and my Combo Skin I love to begin my makeup by using One Heck Of A Blot primer by Soap & Glory, then I HAC. When it’s time to set I use some Loose Translucent Powder, powder bronzer to have a cohesive look, and MaskCara’s Stay Spray to finish my look.

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