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How To Earn Your FREE Compact With Your MaskCara Beauty Order!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Our motto over here at MaskCara Beauty is that you should have your cake and eat it too!

So, when you purchase your makeup tins you also have the opportunity to get the compact they all fit in for FREE!

I think that’s pretty amazing as an artist and a consumer. I mean you’re about to try an entirely different approach to your makeup all at once!

So anytime a company acknowledges just that, you know they have thought about you all the way through the finish line. 🏁

“OK Chelsea I love what I’m reading... so what, or how much do I need to order to get one of these compacts for FREE!?“

Let’s start from smallest to biggest and I will also note the most popular choices when starting out. 😊

Square - 4 eyeshadows will get you this compact for free. If you like to have your eyeshadows separate from your cream products, maybe you’re just starting out with shadows, or you want to keep your glitters or creams in one location this compact is for you!

💄 Quad - 4 tins any combo, between creams, shadows, and powders. When you’re buying shadows you will also have the option to choose this compact. I say go for it if you’re ever going to add to your collection because you will have space for 4 more shadows. Four full sized tins will take up this entire compact.

HAC Stack - 8 tins any combo. The HAC Stack is the smallest double layered compact. It is perfect when you want a mix of face and eyeshadow products or all the bells and whistles for your IIID Foundation experience. This compact can fit eight full sized tins, 16 eyeshadows or a combo of both. Such as four full sized up top and 8 shadows on the bottom.

💄 Mini Double Decker - 10 tins any combo. I love this combo even as a makeup lover and artist this one fits everything I need without having to carry it all around. If it’s the summer and I’m into that more bronzey look I just load it up with all those shades. This is when you would like to have a few options of each tin maybe you have 1-3 highlights, 2 contours, more than one lip + cheek, Bella bronzer, an illuminator, and some shadows. This compact fits in total 12 full sized tins, 24 eyeshadows or a combo of both such as 6 full sized tins up top and 12 shadows on the bottom.

Double Decker- 16 tins any combo. This is for the person who wants a little of everything or NEEDS to have everything on them at all times. Maybe you take the bus or train to work so you apply during your commute. Perhaps you want everything to be the most minimalistic it can be by having one compact instead of a few filled with makeup. While this is the largest of the free incentive compacts it isn’t just for the makeup lover it can be the most practical if you’re a busy mom, or someone who is always on the go. This compact fits 18 full sized tins, 36 eyeshadows, or a combo of both with 9 full sized tins up front or 18 shadows on the bottom.

💄 - This cute lipstick emoji indicates the most popular purchases for first time customers. That’s not to say you can’t try out any of the others but if you’re not sure where to start we can chat or you can go for one of these.

If you haven’t already please fill out my Color Match Form. That will give me an idea of what you’re looking for and then I can work with you from there. 💙

Love Chelsea

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