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How To Get Color Matched! Seint Beauty 3D Foundations

Updated: Jan 24

Color Match Selfie

Hey There! Are you ready to take the next step to get a Professional Color Match to build the perfect custom makeup palette?

Ok, ok I see there could be some hesitation and I know exactly what you may be thinking.

Yes, I’m ready, but I don’t even know where to start!

No worries! Here at Chelsea Sutter Makeup we’ve got you covered!

You have TWO amazing options. 1. Take our FREE Online Color Match Quiz


2. Fill out our 5 minute form for a One on One Consultation.

With the Color Match Quiz you are 100% in control, there will be zero back and forth conversation but all the information you need has been provided so please take your time and read everything carefully. Basically what you and I would chat about has been laid out in the instructions. There’s even an entire resource folder to help you build your order and help you once your makeup arrives!

With the One on One option you will need to provide a natural lit selfie in indirect sunlight. I recommend seeing if your phone has a Compass 🧭 App, if so find the closest NORTH FACING window. You do not want the window where the sun is facing and pouring in, it will make you look yellow and sometimes even lighter than you actually are. Hold your phone eye level and while standing about two feet away from the window snap a few pictures. Make sure I can see your Face, Neck & Chest! (Check out the photo in this blog post as an example) Pro Tip! Don’t forget to wipe off your phone screen and camera so it’s squeaky clean!

I work as quickly as I can to Color Match and most days I respond within hours after your form submission.

Regardless of the direction you decide to go in I am always available through TEXT.


Click below to get started!

Love Chelsea

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