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I used my Maskcara money to pay for a Disney vacation!

Viviana’s first plane ✈️ ride!

Yup!!! And it is even crazier than that! I made all the reservations on a Monday and left on Tuesday with my daughter for a girls trip to Disney World! I didn't even have to second guess or worry about how I was going to pay for the trip.

You see the thing is, I have been so consistent with my social selling business I can almost count on a certain paycheck month after month!

Watching in excitement for our plane!

So here is what we did!

We flew in Tuesday super early like 7am landed around 10am got to the hotel around 11am!

We stayed at Pop Century in the 70's building, totally my style!

We unpacked, got dressed and headed for the Skyliner to Epcot!

Viviana and I walked way to much to find a few rides... BIG MISTAKE! LOL


We went on the Nemo ride, Figment and Frozen that was all we needed to do in Epcot so we headed back to the hotel.

We relaxed and rested our feet and then went to the pool!

Viviana takes on Magic Kingdom!

Viviana Mouse on the Tea Cups!

Wednesday we woke up had some breakfast relaxed in the room and in the afternoon we headed to the bus to go to Magic Kingdom!

First thing after arriving we RENTED A STROLLER!!!

Then I bought her an overpriced $14 balloon that didn't last more than a few hours before coming loose and floating away! LOL - Don't worry this mom is a total sucker and got her the purple one she wanted on the way out.

First things first we rode the Tea Cups... TWICE!

Then off to Dumbo!

We epically failed waiting in line for the Carrousel so we headed to Ariel's ride which we did maybe 3 times, I lost count.

Viviana was pretty spent by then so we started to head back to the hotel!

But on the way back to the front we saw Jack Skellington coming down the street.

Mickey Waffles ✅

Viviana in line for Ariel

You see our whole trip was during the pandemic while the park was only at 25% maybe 50% capacity so little to no lines, very little wait time for food but inevitably no meet and greets or up close and personal characters for autographs or fireworks... it was still magical for a 4 year old of course and super clean, everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing was super easy to follow with all the markings on the ground.

After watching Jack, Sally and Oogie drive by we waited in line for the Haunted Mansion... Viviana thought that was a little too scary but no worries we headed back to the front grabbed that purple balloon headed to the bus and took the rest of the night to just hang out!

Girls Trip 2020!

Walking into Dumbo


We got up early skipped breakfast had some snacks instead and went back to Magic Kingdom around 10:30!

To not bore you too much I will list all the rides we got to ride that whole day before leaving just an hour before the park closed at 5pm!


Tea Cups

Winnie the Pooh


Peter Pan

Carrousel (finally got her to wait)

Ariel - duh!


Tiki Room

Pirates of the Caribbean

Needless to say we got through the whole park!

And I only got talked into one Little Mermaid Bubble wand!

That night we did a little laundry because I forgot to pack for the trip home and we just enjoyed our last moments in the hotel!

Frozen Ride in Epcot

Friday was our travel day, we said goodbye to the hotel and headed home to see a very missed Daddy and Zander!

All in all I would say this... was it necessary to travel during a pandemic?

NO absolutely not, so if you have health concerns, or you are still worried about catching Covid-19 stay home Disney will always be there. 🥰

We have done our part since March in South Jersey, followed every guideline and continued to do so while on our Minnie trip (see what I did there?! lol)...

So while we still could have absolutely picked anything up whether here or in Florida we are quarantining as advised and look forward to returning with our whole family in a few years when Zander is older and hopefully the pandemic is no more.

Viviana and Goofy at the Pop Century Hotel 🏨

*Any negativity or mom bashing is prohibited 🚫

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