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Has Your Wedding Or Vendors Been Cancelled Because Of Covid-19?

First off let me say, how absolutely sorry I am for you, your fiance, loved ones and closest friends. I know how much they wanted to be with you on your special day. And If I was doing your makeup I am sad I won't be with you on your special day either.

If Your Wedding Is Still Moving Forward

Just an update and message to all my Brides in the next few weeks/months. I will not be cancelling any events that I have scheduled until I am advised otherwise. I am properly trained in sanitation per the NJ State Board of Cosmetology.

That is not to say I am exempt or unable to contract the Covid-19 virus just like everyone else but my family and I are practicing social distancing and I am making sure I am washing my hands often and vigorously for at least 20 seconds with warm to hot soapy water.

Proper Sanitation Regarding Your Makeup Experience

I have 70% alcohol and hand sanitizer to clean my hands with in between each client and I sanitize my brushes in between each person with Cinema Secrets Dry Brush Cleaner and 70% alcohol. I also have no problem walking to a sink or the bathroom in between each service.

A metal knife and palette are used to scrape product from its original container to the palette so you are not coming in direct contact with the packaging itself. If I need to use a product that is sharpened - it is freshly sharpened and then sprayed with 70% alcohol. Anything retractable is either sprayed with 70% alcohol or scraped if possible. Any products from a tube have their own disposable applicator like mascara, lip stick, glosses, etc...

My Promise To You

Furthermore, I will ONLY cancel should I feel any symptoms that could put anyone in danger, such as a cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc... anything beyond allergies. I realize this post could come as a shock to some people and I am just asking everyone to be respectful and understand the decision my family and I have made.

The Commitment I NEED From You and Your Bridal Party

So what do I need from you? I need every person I work on to wash their hands before their service. Should you need to cough or sneeze because of your makeup service like powder or airbrush foundation making its way up your nose... because that is totally a thing with some clients try your best to give me as much warning as possible and sneeze or cough into your shirt or elbow. We will take a pause and resume when you're ready.

BUT if you are sick I will be unable to perform your service at all. And I do ask that you distance yourself from the rest of the party while makeup and hair services are being performed.

If you are traveling for a wedding please be mindful to pack your hair tools and makeup in the event your health takes a turn and you and the Bride decide you are well enough to still attend. I will still be unable to work on you, but at least you will be prepared to get yourself ready.

Things To Be Mindful Of

I have two small children and while I am factually aware that any person of any age can be a carrier of Covid-19 but most children do not become ill, I am asking that we keep in mind there are so many other illnesses still going around that I would like to know I am not bringing home.

If you have concerns please reach out so I can help address them, and also work out a possible solution with you! While I understand we have a contract these are trying times and I am willing to have any and all discussions regarding what is fair and works for all involved.

Please reach out if your date has changed so I can check my availability and reschedule you if possible. I love you all, stay healthy, I am so sorry you are facing such a difficult time and I am here for you beyond Makeup!

Love, Chelsea

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