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Color Match Quiz

Welcome to my Color Match Quiz!

So excited to have you here. Before you click Start Quiz...

There are just a few things I want you to know!

If at anytime you need help please TEXT me at 856-281-7252

Also click on and save this RESOURCE FOLDER it will help you ultimately choose the colors you know you will LOVE, but it will also help you once your makeup arrives!

When you get to your RESULT and you click on the Pre-Filled link, if for some reason there is an obvious empty spot and it was a color you wanted search and see if it is available. 

If you cannot add all your items to your cart then something is out of stock.

*Text me with your color match result and the palette

you were trying to purchase and I will look into

everything and let you know when your items are back in stock.


 As with anything this is not 100% but it is pretty close! SO if after your makeup arrives you don't think your shades are a perfect match... NO WORRIES reach out and I will match you!

You have 30 days to return any items and 60 days to exchange.

Here is the Return/Exchange Form.

Alright let's get you matched!

To make your shopping experience as easy as possible, Pre-filled Palettes have been made with the shades listed above, plus any extras like illuminator one cream and one powder (choose one) and bronzer. Just click on the appropriate link based on your overall features and edit your order as you see fit. After you have edited your palette, add all your items to your cart... THEN shop for all your brushes plus any extras and finally check out.


& ILLUMINATOR (if a brightener was not suggested). You will need to narrow down your contour and illuminator shade.

But no matter please purchase at least 4, 8, 10 OR 16 tins of Makeup to get the appropriate sized compact for FREE!


Enter Party Chelsea Sutter at checkout for a chance to win a free goodie!

After you have placed your order and I receive your confirmation email I will reach out via text.

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