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Chelsea Sutter Makeup
Independent SEINTArtist #6303

Just a Pro Makeup Artist Breaking Down Makeup For Beginners...

How to HAC Highlight & Contouring has never been easier!

Why Are They Called 3D Foundations?

3D Foundation is a Highlighting and Contouring System! It adds dimension to the face without all the extra layers. Your compact is customized just for you an only you, this way you only buy what you need!

How to take a Color Match Selfie!

Why you need a Color Match

Not sure what shades you are?

Maybe you're not 100% positive about your skin type?

How about what brushes or products to prime and set with?

Just imagine all your makeup totally customized down to the compact pattern.


Shop here for all of your 3D Foundations, Eye Shadows, Skin Care, Compacts & Tools.


$3.94 CAD or FREE SHIPPING after you spend $125 CAD. 

Compact, Brushes, Makeup, Oh My!

Want To Know All About SEINT?

What is SEINT?

Do you have a Return Policy?

How is this makeup different than other brands?


Can I do what you do Chelsea?

Yes! Of Course!

How does the following sound to you?

No sales quotas

No yucky auto ships

Free in house training and color match support

A MAKEUP KIT, to use on your customers.

Huge online community of Artists to connect with.


Now what you really wanted to know!

– Earn 20% - 40% cash back each month  

– No stock allowed 

– Back office that takes care of shipping and customer service (small monthly fee)

– You can have US and Canadian customers 

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